Tom Dorff has been a singer/songwriter for quite some time, but something changed in the spring of 2006. As a result of a weekend retreat with his Parish, Tom experienced a renewed spiritual awakening that had an immediate impact to his music. It was from this renewed heart that the music from "Here I Am" began to take shape. Incredibly, all of this creative energy came in a relatively short period of time. The songs on "Here I Am" tell a story of a growing faith and recognition of God’s hand in our lives. The songs are powerful in this respect, and the music captures both upbeat praise and reflective prayer styles. For those looking for uniqueness in Contemporary Christian music, Tom would say ……”Here I Am”. Tom's sophmore CD, "Open Up Your Door" was released on March 6, 2009. Still blending the reflective and upbeat styles, Tom moves more and more in a new direction of his faith journey, and how it has affected both him and those around him. Tom credits all of this work directly to God and the changes He has made in his life. Tom is a Philadelphia native, and spent a 14 years with his Family in St. Louis, Missouri. Tom has now relocated back to the PA area and continues to write and perform Christian music.